Beni Rubinstein is the head of the photographic department of a museum of antiquities

Despite his busy schedule managing the photographing of ancient manuscripts and documents as well as teaching photography in a local art school, his heart is always with his people and their country. When he has some free time to travel he concentrates on documenting his feelings through the medium of art.


Timeless. I cannot put into words the feeling of walking through the ancient pathways of Jewish history, the feeling that in essence little has changed over the centuries, of being present as part of millennia of Jewish existence. So I try and picture it. The places which are so deeply part of our racial memory, the stories which make up our history, they are alive and little changed if you know where to find them. These places now would look different to our ancestors but they certainly wouldn't feel different. To live in a timeless world, that is the essence of what I am trying to express with my art.

 My aim is to have the viewer experience the emotions, what it feels like. To become one with the beauty and timelessness.

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Limited Edition Prints. Certain collections and prints are offered in a Limited Edition. This means that the print size and type offered will be limited to the specified amount stated with the exception of 5 artist copies.

Each print will come signed and numbered under the Print. Also included will be a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and stating the unique number of the print within the limited edition.

As the number of remaining prints within an edition comes to a close the prices of the remaining prints might rise relative to the amount remaining.

Limited prints come with a no quibble money back offer if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Just return the print in the same condition it was sent for a full refund. This offer does not apply to Limited Hand Prints when they become available.




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